Gudetama Chef Cafe Taiwan

Gudetama is by far the most recommendable themed cafe to visit in Taiwan (this is based on my experience). There are a lot of themed cafes you can explore in Taiwan and I suggest you include this on you list.

The reason why I chose this to be better than others is that we weren’t advised ahead of schedule that each person included in the reservation should order a meal unlike Rilakkuma and Modern Toilet. When the menu was handed to us, unlike the 2 other cafes I mentioned, their menu doesn’t have the disclaimer that all customer 12years and up are required to order a meal. The place was cartoony and peppy like any other themed cafes. Pricy like any other themed cafes. However the food was better which makes a big difference for foodies like myself. Of course as mush as possible i want to get the satisfaction for the price i shell out.

Gudetama is near Zhongxiao Dunhua Station. Once you’re in the station you can get there by walking and you wont miss this Café because of the lazy looking egg signage.

We called ahead of time so we can reserve a seat. So if you wan to visit this cafe you need a reservation. We got there an hour early so we still got time to take pictures of their facade, souvenir shop and a glimpse of their menu before we head inside the cafe.

I had the Green Curry Chicken Rice at 280TWD. Gudetama lying around doest want to be disturbed. Sorry lazy tamago im famished with all the walking I had. This curry stood out from the rest of curries i’ve tasted. I was so glad i had ordered this.

Baked Tomato Seafood Tube Toast (Chefs special) at 280TWD. MY sister oredered this and she loved it. It looks healthy.

Gudetama Sponge Cake at 160TWD. Adorable little munchies. Looks like a toy but again out of hunger, I’m sorry buddy!

Passion Cranberry Double Decker Smoothie at 220TWD. This pricy drink comes with a reusable bottle souvenir (I hope this is BPA free). When you order the smoothie it comes with this water bottle. This is a smart way of selling a memorabilia to someone from the store with out them knowing hahaha clever. No wonder it’s pricy and it’s yours to keep.

The problem with these themed cafes are their food, they can come out so appealing that eating them would give you second thoughts.

With my Gudetama experience I have to mention Kevin one of the servers who was the only one who can speak english and was helpful during our visit.

Will I revisit Gudetama Chef Cafe? I’d say YES.
Price? Yes Pricy

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No. 12, Lane 236, Section 1, Dunhua South Road, Da’an District, Taipei City, Taiwan 106

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