Rilakkuma Cafe

This is just in Zongshan Dunhua area, walking distance from Zongshan Dunhua MRT Station. Unlike any other themed cafes we visited we were able to get a seat without any reservation. We visited around 5.30pm this was right after we had finished visiting Yehliu Geopark. From bus 1815 we stopped near Zhongxia Dunhua Station. But just to make sure you wont miss visiting Rilakkuma Cafe I suggest you make a reservation. From what I’ve heared reservation is needed, I guess we were just lucky.


What turned me off though and this goes the same with other themed cafes I visited in Taiwan like modern Toilet was that the servers will give you a heads up that all of you should order a meal. As soon as we were seated we were warned ahead of time that we should all order a meal and sharing of food (for a meal of one) with a companion is not encouraged. “Thought Bubble” they want to make sure they can profit to who ever wants to visit their establishment. What’s more surprising was that you will be charged a fee if you are staying more than 2hours in the Cafe. REALY? Hahaha i was laughing inside my head. But anyhow those are their house rules so i guess i have no choice but to abide.

The food i got was Rilakkuma Fried Creamy Pork Chop with Black Curry Sauce 360TWD. It was good but for its price I was expecting something better. I thought I was paying for its intricate molding of Rilakkuma brown rice. When it was served we were really mesmerized by a brown bear sitting on a plate and I couldn’t bear poking it with a fork. The taste? Yeah it was good, like any normal pork curry i’ve tasted somewhere else.

The pasta we ordered was a Vegetable Pasta and was good as well. Plating was superb, this was around 320TWD if my memory served me right.

For the pastry. We had the Strawberry Fruit Tart for 140TWD. The presentation was mouth watering with fruits on top. It wasn’t the best slice of tart I had but none the less it was good.

Then we got a small pitcher of Fruit Tea for 190TWD. The ice was Rilakkuma shaped. It was funny because of all the things we ordered this was the one we liked. Hahahaha fruit tea with chunks of fruits inside. Very refreshing and very soothing.

The inside of the cafe will be loved by visitors who are into cute cartoon characters turned into chairs, pillow cushions and plates. Every nook of Rilakkuma Cafe was so “cartoony”. They also have souvenir section were you can take home Rilakkuma themed items. From pillows, bags, tumblers and all sorts of memorabilia. I didn’t buy anything nor the people who are with me did. The prices are way to high compared with its value, or maybe it was just me since I’m not really into these types of souvenirs.

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If you want to try the talked about Rilakkuma cafe, go ahead and fill your eyes and stomach with Rilakkuma inspired meals and desserts. However if you are looking for a good restaurant with good food and wants to get satisfaction of what you pay then there are so much more Taipei has to offer. Google is your best friend. Do some research of where to go.

If I have to rate my experience with Rilakkuma I’d say, it was good. I just went there to get a taste and experience from what i’ve read from blogs.
If I want to revisit Rilakkuma? Maybe.
Price Range? Expensive.

Rilakkuma Café Taipei 拉拉熊咖啡廳
No. 3, Lane 248, Section 4, Zhongxiao East Rd, Da’an District, Taipei City, Taiwan 106
(Zhongxiao Dunhua Station, Exit 3)
Opening Hours: 11:30am – 10:00pm Daily

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