Revisiting TAIWAN

This is my second time coming back to Taiwan. I took the given time from the embassy of visa-free for Filipinos to visit Taiwan until July of 2018. They want to check Filipino’s spending capacity if this can help their tourism.

Last year’s trip I had to get a VISA which had 14days validity from Taiwan embassy at RCBC building at Buendia Makati. I needed to complete these step and paperworks before given a VISA.

1. An online Visa Application Form
2. Two passport size photos 1.5” x 2” with white background (taken w/in the
last 3 months)
3. Passport valid for at least 6 months and old passport showing previous travels
4. Birth Certificate issued by Philippine Statistics Office (PSA)
5. Marriage Contract issued by PSA (if female applicant is married)
6. Certificate of Employment (If applicant is younger than 18 years of age or a student, has to submit an evidence of enrollment at school, college)
7. Financial statements of the applicant or guardian (Bank Book or Bank Statements)

I had to go there early in the morning since I had work in the afternoon. You have to ask from the receptionist that you are to apply for a visa so they can direct you where you need to wait and see a personnel from the embassy. Expect a lot of people waiting applying for a visa as a tourist or employment. You will be given a number which will then be used as queue card once you reach the 41st floor ( i guess it was the 41st floor if my memory serves me right). You have to surrender your ID to get this queue card. Once you get to the 41st floor you have to wait for your number to be called. I had to make sure all my papers are intact or else I had to come back and wasted my time. For processing this visa it took me about 2-3hours to complete.

Here is a list of fees involved:
taiwan fee

Processing time and schedule of release:
taiwan release


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